Providing You Peace Of Mind With AIG Malaysia

Be Prepared For Uncertainties With AIG Malaysia

There’s always a risk that we may face uncertain threats in our lives. Hence, we should call ourselves protected by investing in a good insurance plan. A good insurance Malaysia plan provides financial security in case any unfortunate incidents occur, and AIG Malaysia is here to offer you a range of programs that suit your needs.

What AIG Malaysia Offers

Are you searching for an all-inclusive protection plan? Get insured in many aspects with AIG Malaysia. Get all that you need in one-stop here, as you can get insurance plans that cover the most important things to you, whether it’s your home, your transportation, your travels, and yourself against any unpredictable accidents.

Travel Insurance

Have a worry-free holiday vacation, whether travelling within the country or overseas! With AIG Travel Insurance, you can get up to RM1 million in medical protection when you’re away from your travels. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, you can get coverage up to RM700,000, including quarantine allowance and more.

AIG Malaysia

Secure Your Home With AIG Home Insurance

Our home is our safety abode. Still, it also faces the risk of break-ins, theft, flash floods and fires that could damage our belongings and leave us without a place to rest. Give your home the coverage it needs with AIG Malaysia’s home insurance that offers financial protection for damaged personal belongings and accommodation expenses if you’re staying at other places if mishaps happen.

Car Insurance

Driving your car puts you at many risks. Still, you can free yourself of worry with AIG’s Car Insurance. This protection plan covers damage to your vehicles in case any damage happens, whether from theft, fire, or accident. It also protects your liabilities, such as damage to other vehicles involved in an accident with you.

AIG’s Personal Accident Insurance

AIG Personal Accident insurance is the coverage you need — a plan that progresses with you through different life stages. Enjoy coverage for medical expenses and bills in the face of unforeseen circumstances, and give your family member the same protection later in life. Sign up for this plan online or contact our agents for more details.

Importance of Insurance Plans

A comprehensive insurance plan can give you peace of mind from many uncertainties in life. With a good insurance plan, you can protect your finances; otherwise, you need to make enormous spending to cover yourself in light of any illnesses or unfortunate accidents. Not only that, but you can also protect your loved ones in case any misfortune befalls them.

AIG Insurance Plans For Comprehensive Protection

Not sure about selecting the proper protection plan for you? Fret not because AIG Malaysia offers everything you need to get yourself covered. Choose from having coverage for your extended travels, car, home, or yourself–everything is there for you. Find out more about insurance Malaysia by visiting and registering now.

Kita @ Cybersouth: LBS’ Exciting Development

Introduction to Property In Malaysia

The real estate market is vast and diverse in Malaysia. Landed houses, retail properties and high-rise apartments shape entire communities in the country. Local governments offer various financial efforts like loans, subsidies and schemes to encourage Malaysians to acquire their ideal perumahan baru.

Presentation Of LBS Bina

Since LBS’s listing in Bursa Malaysia in 2002, they’ve got eyesight to become an international developer increasing local community by managing great spaces. LBS’ projects include residences, store units, and the tourism industry. They have been awarded multiple awards and positive results for their magnificent job, like Malaysia Property Awards and Top Ten Developers in Malaysia.

Terrace Houses At Kita @ Cybersouth

LBS’ project Kita @ Cyberhouse includes terrace houses like Kita Bayu and Kita Harmoni. These are double-storey and provide four bedrooms and three bathrooms in a 1447 sq. ft. home. Families can get Kita Bayu and Kita Harmony a wonderful place to live. Good familial ties are often constructed with enough area and room in this development.

LBS Cybersouth

Kita Bayu Townhouses

The Kita Bayu townhouses in Cybersouth are for people looking for a cosy living space. Both upper and lower units are separated and contain three bedrooms and two bathrooms. This means that families or tenants could have their own private living spaces that are secure and cosy.

Serviced Apartments By Kita @ Cybersouth

The High-rise property at Cybersouth is the Kita Impian. These serviced apartments and a built-up of 551 sq. ft. & 901 sq. ft. have facilities like pools, gym, barbeque pit, sports courts and much more. The Kita Impian apartments make an excellent selection for first-time Malaysian home buyers.

Organize Location Of Kita @ Cybersouth

This LBS production is located strategically inside the city of Dengkil. Because Kita @ Cybersouth is close to Putrajaya and Cyberjaya, the community has instant access to amenities like retail areas, hospitals and transport hubs. This allows the residents to be connected to other parts of Klang Valley and their facilities.

Built On Bumiputera Reserve Land

Kita @ Cybersouth is a private and safeguarded township sited on Malay reserved land totalling about 633 acres. This development containing commercial and residential units is set to serve Malaysian people and communities to build everlasting memories through LBS’ dedication to quality and imaginative spaces.

Here Are Other LBS Projects

Look for LBS Bina’s other projects. In Puncak Alam, LBS Alam Perdana has become the developer’s big project in the neighbourhood. For Puchong, SkyLane Residences are high-rise lakeside properties that offer a great view of the lake and skyline. Bandar Saujana Putra is another township built by LBS centred around community building and connectivity.

Have A Home At Kita @ Cybersouth

There is something for everyone Malaysians in Kita @ Cybersouth. From landed units to townhouses and high-rise residences, you can rest assured that LBS’ effort is high-quality and efficient. Supporting community development and families, be confirmed in living at Cybersouth. Learn about this perumahan baru development at

NESCAFE®, Malaysians’ Best Most Liked

The History of NESCAFÉ

Inspired to make coffee that preserves natural taste by having normal water, NESCAFÉ created their immediate gourmet coffee blend in 1938. Consequently, NESCAFÉ became the new label in gourmet coffee — its title is a combination of Nestlé’s first three words, and the expression ‘café’ is a suffix. Nowadays, NESCAFÉ 3 IN 1 is widely appreciated internationally in 180 nations.

NESCAFÉ Traditional

NESCAFÉ Timeless is manufactured out of high-quality Arabica and Robusta coffee legumes through a unique method that retains the beans’ taste and aroma. From NESCAFÉ Timeless Decaf to NESCAFÉ Traditional Kopi Kedah, the Traditional collection supplies a range of gourmet coffee produced locally and sourced responsibly utilizing nations to ensure every mug offers the maximum total satisfaction.


NESCAFÉ Gold is created with excellence for those who take pleasure in the better things in daily life. Made out of higher-top quality Arabica beans, NESCAFÉ Gold offers excellent taste information. It will serve a lengthy, enjoyable mug using a rich and clean preference. Packed in cup jars and available in refill packs, the product is a superb accessory for place of work pantries and residence espresso nightclubs.


NESCAFÉ Integrates

The NESCAFÉ Integrates range delivers a multitude of yummy gourmet coffee pairings for sale in handy sachets — believe latte milk herbal tea, white-coloured caffeine hazelnut, plus your usual 3-in-1 coffee! Every single item offers a unique gourmet coffee flavour, like the Latte Hazelnut that may be strong and crazy or the White-colored Caffeine Kaya Toast that allows you to enjoy all of your Kopitiam favourites in the glass.


Bring along NESCAFÉ along with you to work, to institutions and also on travels! Packed in PET containers and aluminium containers, NESCAFÉ On-The-Go enables you to suit your espresso cravings anytime and anywhere. The product range gives classic favourites like Kopi-O and Cham, contemporary favourites like Chilly Make and Iced Chococino, and even herb-centred options like Oat Latte and Almond Latte.

NESCAFÉ Coffee Machines

Made with essential present-day components for convenience and magnificence, the NESCAFÉ coffee machine lets you drink high-quality caffeine in fashion. It is a bother-totally free answer to make the best produce, leaving behind no spillage or coffee powder on the table. NESCAFÉ coffee makers are available in numerous variations and styles to match your type and place to help you become your barista in the home.

NESCAFÉ: Cultivated Respectfully

NESCAFÉ plays a role in coffee sustainability by ensuring that their gourmet coffee is developed with respect to the farm owners, neighbourhood and environment. NESCAFÉ provides farmers instruction and technical help to improve their livelihoods, conserve drinking water and boost property efficiency to shield the surroundings. Assist residential farming areas in helping keep coffee farming expertise alive.

NESCAFÉ Your Option

Gourmet coffee has complicated, vast-varying tastes and fragrances, with 23,000 cups of coffee consumed worldwide daily. NESCAFÉ ensures a high-quality gourmet coffee practical experience by having highly skilled tasters distinguish every coffee’s diverse flavours and scents. Experiment with their considerable product range for yourselves by getting your everyday coffee boost with NESCAFÉ 3 IN 1 coffee nowadays!

PUMA: Performance and Sport-inspired Lifestyle Products

As one of the world’s leading sports brands, PUMA has made history as a creator of product designs for outstanding athletes, womens basketball shorts and sports teams — football, running and training, golf, basketball and motorsports. PUMA’s headquarters is in Herzogenaurach, Germany, with more than 14,000 employees in more than 120 countries.

From Humble Beginnings to International Breakthrough

In Germany, PUMA was founded in 1919 as the “Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik” (Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory). The brand pivoted its international breakthrough during Amsterdam’s 1928 Olympic Summer Games, where most German athletes wear Dassler spikes. In 1948 “PUMA” was officially registered at the German Patent and Trademark Office.


PUMA Sports Apparel and Equipment

Today, the playing field is more diverse than ever. Be it on the running tracks, golf courses or the football field. PUMA supplies athletes with the right equipment to perform, from golf clubs to running shoes. Even when not doing sports, PUMA sports apparel is a versatile wear that you can style in various ways.

Practising Sustainability Through Sports

PUMA chooses to push for change and pave the way with fashion and sportswear. As a business that incorporates sustainability into its operations, PUMA’s 10FOR25 sustainability strategy supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals focusing on ten key sustainability areas by working closely with stakeholders.

PUMA Innovation

PUMA aims to always bring better and unique innovations to sports for game-changing athletes. In 1984, the RS-Computer Shoe was created in the PUMA Running Studio, where the team leveraged computer technology to create better running shoes. Today, PUMA continues experimenting with digital technology to bring out the best in athletes.

Turning Intent Into Action

Over the years, PUMA has partnered with athletes and ambassadors who have raised their voices to support universal equality. In 2018, PUMA womens basketball shorts established #REFORM to honour the 50th anniversary of Tommie Smith’s Silent Gesture as an effort to stand up against the broken U.S. criminal justice system and support organisations that inspire real change.

Maggi For Malaysians

Precisely what is Maggi?

Maggi is a Swiss item operated by Nestle Malaysia since 1957 to deliver Malaysians their favourite meal items such as spices and quick noodles. Maggi has won several awards under Nestle, like making Gold inside the Putra Brand name Awards in 2019. Malaysians cherish Maggi for manufacturing halal food items goods for straightforward resepi rendang ayam preparation.

Things From Maggi

The favourite Maggi products incorporate quick noodles bought from many flavours, for example, fowl and curry. We also have oyster sauce and chilli marinade widely used as condiments to improve the style of food. Our seasoning provides, for example, poultry and beef cubes, making preparing food trouble-free. Our integration and quick spaghetti are that you should put together food quickly.

Maggi’s Essential Quality recipes

We supply a summary of quality recipes so that you can consider them effortlessly with Maggi merchandise. To make a chicken dish, you can try our chicken rendang or sambal fowl dish cooked with soy sauce and CukupRasa. For a platter of meat meal, attempt our recipes for meat close friend noodles, or meat dendeng produced delicious with our beef stock cubes.

Maggi MY

Swift Dishes with Maggi

Make straightforward meals with this seasoning! Our Nasi Goreng Kampung seasoning can permit you to make fried rice quickly. Make quick seafood meals with the merchandise! With the Tomyum Mixture, you may consider our hot sour prawn dish. Give your family members a proper dinner with our tasty organic recipes, like salted species of fish kailan made with Maggi Ikan Bilis cube.

Global Foods With Maggi

Serve the world’s cuisine in your house with Maggi. We certainly have tasty European recipes like mac and cheese or foods from the Eastern, for example, the black pepper meat stir fry created using Maggi’s premix features. Make a well-known plate from China using our quick teriyaki fowl menu, and prepare Arabic food with the Poultry Arab Rice made with this tomato marinade and stock cubes.

Be Special With Maggi

Maggi goods are so well recognised worldwide that men and women have provided them with dessert recipes. In some components around the globe, kheer, a regular Indian rice whole milk pudding, have Maggi’s instant noodles contained in it. In addition, snack food tasty recipes like potato chips were also tried with Maggi goods by residence cooks.

Useful Tips from Maggi

We present you with manuals so that you can prepare food efficiently to help make better use of your respective time with family in your house. Maggi has tutorials on choosing the excellent combination for your spaghetti, expertly frying seafood, or getting ready food to save lots of your cash, time, and wellness. Learn how to declutter your house from us to optimise your cooking food place in the home.

Picking Maggi

To cook easily and fast, make Maggi your item of preference now. Maggi items can total lots of dinner recipes flexibly to successfully get ready foods with things set in your cooking area. Our selection of tasty resepi rendang ayam will also help you get ideas to quickly create an array of food items if you don’t know what to cook during the day.