About Us

ALTe Technologies is a developer, producer, and installer of purpose built electric powertrain systems for commercial vehicles. ALTe creates parallel-hybrid, series-hybrid and fully electric powertrains that deliver cost effective solutions for fuel usage and green-house gas reduction.
  • ALTe provides powertrain solutions that meet customer’s functional needs and substantially improves the fuel efficiency compared to that of internal combustion systems.
  • Target markets for ALTe are in the fleet vehicle industry (delivery, bus, service companies, utility & telecom) and in the U.S., China, and Korea.
  • Overall, the company’s mission is to simultaneously maximize fuel economy while minimizing emissions.
  • When properly engineered for specific fleet customer drive cycles, the purchase price of the hybrid system is offset by lower operating expenses.
ALTe was founded by Tesla Motors alumni in December 2008 to engineer and develop electric and hybrid systems.
  • The founders and engineering team at ALTe have deep rooted experiences in other technologically advanced EV and automotive firms.
  • With over 100 years of executive experience leading automotive business / product programs, including CEO, CTO, Chief Engineer & Plant Manager position backgrounds, ALTe has the leadership required to help customers moving forward.
  • This essential vehicle, thermal, electric motor, battery and powertrain knowledge and expertise is used to manage vehicle programs from start-up to production.
  • Consulting services are also available addressing a variety of alternative energy / propulsion programs and critical issues.