Detailed Comparison of ALTe and Other Hybrids

Unique ALTe product attributes:
  • Plug-into grid to recharge battery
  • Battery Electric Drive mode (engine off)
  • Battery capacity/size selectable for vehicle & performance requirements
  • Engine-generator mode to recharge battery
  • Electric drive and generator motors power/size selectable for vehicle & performance requirements

ALTe products can plug into the electric grid to recharge the battery for propelling the car.  Other hybrids products cannot.  Given that both ALTe and other hybrids use regenerative braking to recharge the battery, ALTe can offer higher amount of electric propulsion energy and thus lower fuel usage.  Again, other hybrids can only recharge from regenerative brakes which limits the fuel savings.  ALTe uses both regenerative braking and electrical grid power to recharge the battery and can provide a much larger amount of fuel savings, especially when battery size is selected based on customer needs.

Available battery electric drive modes is important in some markets where zero emissions are demanded by a growing number of urban cities, especially in California and several CARB states.  ALTe can provide battery electric drive modes by selecting battery and electric motor sizes that meet the vehicle performance requirements.  Other hybrids cannot provide this product attribute for the vehicle customers.  Their electric motors and batteries are sized to capture regenerative energy and assist the engine during driving, thus cannot provide a battery electric drive mode.

Beyond regenerative braking energy capture and electric motor assist that other hybrids provide, are a number of key hybrid electric system attributes that ALTe can provide and other hybrids cannot.  ALTe is not limited to a "one size fits all" product strategy.  In fact, larger vehicles and those with special performance requirements likely need larger batteries, electric motors and hybrid controls that only ALTe can provide.  It is not possible for a one size system to provide the same fuel savings benefits to both large and small vehicles, as other hybrids claim - it defies the laws of physics.  ALTe sizes the hybrid electric system to provide customer performance requirements and to provide real world fuel economy benefits.

Unique ALTe customer segments:
  • Class 3-6 commercial vehicle applications
  • Transit Buses

Other hybrids product applications are limited to class 1 and 2 trucks, which ALTe can also provide.  ALTe goes beyond those classes and can offer a full line of solutions to fleet customers including class 3-6 trucks and transit buses.  Providing fuel economy benefits and maintaining vehicle performance for these larger vehicles requires advanced engineering capabilities and vehicle control development which is where ALTe has expertise.  These vehicles tend to be less standardized but applying common product components, where appropriate, and developing solutions to integrate those components is a capability unique to ALTe versus other hybrids.  In essence, ALTe could offer solutions to a customer covering Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 trucks.  The customer would have one source for spare parts, maintenance and service support rather that several different systems.

Similarly, each company's hybrid systems has similar part names and descriptions but they may not provide similar customer benefits.

Other hybrids use a belt and pulley directly attached to the prop shaft or axle input.  It doesn’t have much torque capacity and is very simple.  Kind of like a BSG (belt starter generator); it gives a little regen and very little boost.  Other hybrids can’t drive the vehicle electrically, it can only give a little boost to the engine.

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