Ford F-Series Pickups

ALTe develops, produces and installs purpose built electric powertrain systems for pickup trucks like Ford’s F-150. ALTe creates parallel-hybrid, series-hybrid and fully electric powertrains that deliver cost effective solutions for fuel usage and green house gas reduction. ALTe works with potential customers to determine the best full electric or plug-in hybrid system configuration for customer needs and drive cycles.

F-150 Hybrid Powertrain

  • Fuel economy (MPG) improvement is from 24% – 58% (e.g. 16 mpg base line to 25 mpg with 50 miles / day) with the Parallel System and a 90% improvement at 155 miles / day with the Series System.
  • Traction motor power, available 7kWh, 14kWh and 22kWh battery.
  • 40 EV miles (with 22kWh battery) – 490 miles total range.