Hybrid Electric Vehicles

ALTe has concept to production expertise in hardware, software and systems engineering for pure electric and hybrid electric vehicles. ALTe has developed several running delivery and pickup truck prototypes using its technology to demonstrate vehicle functionality and performance to potential customers.
  • ALTe’s extensive simulation capabilities enable exploration of a number of alternative solutions for customers in order to arrive at the best fit with customer needs.
  • State of the art software tools and the latest hardware innovations are used to improve driveability and provide OEM level of reliability.
  • Our technology utilizes advanced permanent magnet motors and lithium ion batteries.
  • The generator system provides anxiety free vehicle operation and range.
  • ALTe has 5 published alternative energy technology patents.
  • ALTe Also has 11 pending alternative energy technology patents.
ALTe excels in the integration of complex systems:
  • Drive system – We have a dedicated transmission that has been designed to provide the most efficiency when mated to our electric motors.
  • Generator – Our generator is a complex blend of engine management strategies, which provide a balance between fuel economy, emissions and the demands of the drive system.
  • Controls – The supervisory controller, which is the brain of the powertrain system, regulates the subsystem components to provide optimal system performance.